Petroleum Refining

Petroleum Refiners use GPEC molecular sieve systems for a wide range of drying and purification applications including:

· Alkylation feed, where GPEC systems help reduce acid consumption, regenerator use, and corrosion, yielding an overall improvement in alkylate quality;

· Refinery hydrogen, for preventing corrosion in down stream equipment by purifying the hydrogen feed to the catalytic reformers;

· Refinery gas, for preventing line freeze-ups during cryogenic processing of refinery gas;

· Refined products, where GPEC molecular sieve system are used in the drying and desulfurization of the LPG, and in the drying of naphtha and diesel oil;

· Isomerization, for assisting in the drying and purification of feed and recycle hydrogen;

· Remove residual oxygenates such as water, methanol, MTBE, DME, from MTBE process C4 raffinate streams before delivery to oxygenate-sensitive operation such as alkylation and 1-butene recovery. Product specifications of less than 1 ppmw oxygenates are achieved.

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