Petrochemical - Molecular Sieve Gas Dryers, Gas Dehydration, Gas Purification

The petrochemical industries use GPEC molecular sieve systems in processing feedstocks for ethylene and polymer plants.

· NGL, ethane and propane feed dehydration and purification;

· Cracked gas drying, C2 and C3 splitter feed drying and hydrogen drying;

· Dehydration and purification of the dome-stored ethylene, propylene and various other feed stocks;

· Dehydration and purification of ethylene, propylene, butadiene, butylenes, amylenes, and various solvents and comonomers including removal of moisture, carbon dioxide, methyl alcohol, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other oxygenates-sulfur compounds and mercury.

GPEC provides cutting-edge technology for gas dryers, gas dehydration and gas purification.

We handle all of your molecular sieve gas drying, gas dehydration and gas purification needs.
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