Gas Manufacturing

Gas Manufacturing - Gas Purification, Gas Dehydration, Liquid Dehydration

GPEC molecular sieve purifiers are used to various industrial and natural gases for the following applications:

· Super drying before cryogenic recovery of the hydrocarbon products and helium;

· Desulfurizing ethane, propane, and butane;

· H2O and CO2 removal before methane liquefaction;

· Hydrocarbon drying;

· Desulfurizing feed stream for ammonia and other chemical plants;

· Purifying hydrocarbon streams before catalytic processing

GPEC provides cutting-edge technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing and petrochemical industries to dehydrate and purify gases, solvents and liquefied petroleum gases.
We handle all of your gas purification, gas dehydration and liquid dehydration needs.

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